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The Camp Fire Girls at School - Or, The Wohelo Weavers

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The Project www.Gramotey.com eBook, The Camp Fire Girls at School, by Hildegard
G. Frey

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Title: The Camp Fire Girls at School

Author: Hildegard G. Frey

Release Date: March 25, 2004 [eBook #11718]
[Date last updated: July 1, 2006]

Language: English

Character set encoding: US-ASCII


E-text prepared by Juliet Sutherland, Hagop Hagopian, and Project
www.Gramotey.com Distributed Proofreaders


or, The Wohelo Weavers

By Hildegard G. Frey

Author of

"The Camp Fire Girls in the Maine Woods",
"The Camp Fire Girls at Onoway House",
"The Camp Fire Girls Go Motoring."




"Speaking of diaries," said Gladys Evans, "what do you think of this for
one?" She spread out a bead band, about an inch and a half wide and a
yard or more long, in which she had worked out in colors the main events
of her summer's camping trip with the Winnebago Camp Fire Girls. The
girls dropped their hand work and crowded around Gladys to get a better
look at the band, which told so cleverly the story of their wonderful

"Oh, look," cried "Sahwah" Brewster, excitedly pointing out the figures,
"there's Shadow River and the canoe floating upside down, and Ed Roberts
serenading Gladys--only it turned out to be Sherry serenading Nyoda--and
the Hike, and the Fourth of July pageant, and everything!" The
Winnebagos were loud in their expressions of admiration, and the "Don't
you remembers" fell thick and fast as they recalled the events depicted
in the bead band.

It was a crisp evening in October and the Winnebagos were having their
Work Meeting at the Bradford house, as the guests of Dorothy Bradford,
or "Hinpoha," as she was known in the Winnebago circle. Here were all
the girls we left standing on the boat dock at Loon Lake, looking just
the same as when we saw them last, a trifle less sunburned perhaps, but
just as full of life and spirit. Scissors, needles and crochet hooks
flew fast as the seven girls and their Guardian sat around the cheerful
wood fire in the library. Sahwah was tatting, Gladys and Migwan were
embroidering, and Miss Kent, familiarly known as "Nyoda," the Guardian
of the Winnebago group, was "mending her hole-proof hose," as she
laughingly expressed it. The three more quiet girls in the circle,
Nakwisi the Star Maiden, Chapa the Chipmunk, and Medmangi the Medicine
Man Girl, were working out their various symbols in crochet patterns.
Hinpoha was down on the floor popping corn over the glowing logs and
turning over a row of apples which had been set before the fireplace to
warm. The firelight streaming over her red curls made them shine like
burning embers, until it seemed as if some of the fire had escaped from
the grate and was playing around her face. Every few minutes she reached
out her hand and dealt a gentle slap on the nose of "Mr. Bob," a young
cocker spaniel attached to the house of Bradford, who persistently tried
to take the apples in his mouth. Nyoda finally came to the rescue and
diverted his attention by giving him her darning egg to chew. The room
was filled with the light-hearted chatter of the girls. Sahwah was
relating with many giggles, how she had gotten into a scrape at school.

"And old Professor Fuzzytop made me bring all my books and sit up at
that little table beside his desk for a week. Of course I didn't mind
that a bit, because then I could see what everybody in the room was
doing instead of just the few around me. The only thing I prayed for was
that Miss Muggins wouldn't come in and see me, be

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